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Reflective essay

Writing A Reflective Essay Is Easy

reflective-essayA reflective essay is an easy assignment if you can remember things you have experienced or written about in the past. You might have practised writing several essays in school and college. Just take up the assignment like you were writing an opinion term paper and comment on it throughout using writing skills developed over a period of time.

  • The knowledge gained in class and from inputs offered by tutors and guides would form the first line of support. The level of difficulty varies depending on the experience you have had writing different types of essays. If you have written custom essays before, writing a reflective essay would be easy. The introduction holds the key to generating interest among readers.
  • The thesis statement has to be powerful enough to draw the attention of readers. For example, you may write an essay describing your visit to watch a soccer match. This would generate mediocre interest from those who are interested in soccer. Remember they do not know you, so the interest is only because the essay was on soccer. But if you were to write on a particular incident you witnessed while watching a match between, say, Manchester United and Chelsea, a lot many readers would be interested. They would like to know what they missed out about their favourite teams.
  • Now that you have got the attention of readers, the next step would be to build on the thesis statement. Do not deviate too much from the experience you presented. Note that readers would continue reading the essay only if their interest in sustained, which would be possible if you stick to the thesis statement. You could write a personal essay using the same technique in first person. It really does not matter.
  • You should spend considerable amount of time choosing essay topics you are familiar with. Reflective essays would be easy to write if you know about the event. In many cases, you might be given topics to write upon. Writing skills would now be tested. You might not have experienced the event, but the title, introduction, and thesis statement incorporating your skills for writing compelling content would have to be demonstrated. Become the expert and establish that feeling among readers.
  • An easy way out of such a situation would be to research well on the topic. For example, you were given a topic “smoking should be banned.” This is a general topic. If you were to elaborate on the topic, the information would probably be too general for readers to identify with. Write about an incident that occurred in school or college instead. You need not have been present at the time, but research about it from college staff and write-ups stored in the library. Now this would interest quite a few readers who were not aware of the incident. Write a descriptive essay on it and then place your viewpoints to be considered.
  • Do not hesitate to refer to a dissertation guide. There would be times when you feel you are not getting the right balance in the essay when you read over it. There are specialists who write essays day in and day out. They would be able to be help you out online. You just post your difficulty, and it would be solved in no time at all. This would save you a lot of time. The reflective essay would truly reflect your writing and research skills.

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