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Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we consider our site to be comprehensive enough, there are still questions that we get all the time. For those, who like to be sure, we’ve collected answers to the most important issues here on this very page.

What’s so special about your service?

We get that a lot, as long as we’re just one in many. There’s something different about us though – we’re dedicated. While every other custom writing service promises you a lot of benefits just to get your money, our first priority is helping you. If we can’t do something, we will say so without confusing and giving any false hope. Another advantage that’s quite crucial is our experience. Believe it or not, we know exactly what your teachers and professors want from you. What’s even more important – we can do it for you.

What types of papers can you provide me with?

Let’s just put it this way – we will do anything if it’s part of academic writing. Whatever assignment you can receive, it will be within our specialty. This includes: essays, term papers, book reports, theses, research papers, courseworks and what not.

Who will write my paper?

We have a team of professional writer at our disposal. They come to us for “easy money”, offering their qualifications and experience. Most of our writers hold MA degrees, but there are also PhD writers and even higher. Every one of those individuals is capable of producing masterpieces of academic writing in their area of study.

My task is extremely complex, can you help?

Yes we can. Our roster is full of qualified specialists who can even write perfect dissertations. They’re all experienced and possess a professional approach to academic writing. It’s quite a sure bet that someone who has written a dozen of successful dissertations would cope with anything you throw at them. The good news is that you will surely be pleased with the result.

Am I limited in the choice of topics?

No. We’re sure to find a writer proficient in the very subject you need. That’s why we’re called a custom writing service – your paper is customized to your needs. Seriously – try us out and order a paper on the most incredible topic you can think of. We’ll write it with a cherry on top.

What does “custom” mean when said about writing?

Basically, it’s a personal approach to every paper we write. We have to receive your requirements to have full comprehension of the task. When we do, we’re going to write it the way you need it, “customize” for you. There never are two identical essays because every task is slightly different from the other ones.

Can anyone else get my paper?

Absolutely not. When the work is finished, you’ll get the only copy and everything else is deleted. This way we make sure that every customer is the sole holder of the copyright for the paper he receives.

We had students expelled for plagiarism. How am I safe?

It’s one of the most important issues in our work, that’s why we’ve organized a special department called “QAD” to prevent any signs of copyright violations. They employ high-end software to roam the internet for texts and if a slight clue of plagiarism is revealed, the author is penalized and the work is rewritten.

Should I come visit your office to retrieve my paper?

You can always contact us and plan an appointment in one of our offices if it’s convenient for you, but it’s in no way necessary. We trust internet communication completely, so you can order and receive your paper without going out of your own room.

What if I don’t need the whole paper written?

We still have a wide range of services for you! Our specialists can edit, proofread or format your own paper. They can also add the missing parts and check it for plagiarism (for those of you who have made mistakes during citations).

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