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To tell the truth, it wasn’t easy to gather a team of highly qualified professionals to write academic papers for you. The problem wasn’t even in looking for such people – there were plenty of candidates. In fact, the main difficulty was in picking the best of the best, so we had to devise a set of requirements and a test for this. The first part is quite easy – just “yes” or “no” with one negative answer lowering one’s chances of joining us to zero.

To be more precise we only accept candidates that meet all of these requirements:

  • The applicant must be a native and fluent English-speaker
  • The applicant must hold at least MA in a particular field of study (PhD preferred, though)
  • The applicant must have successful writing experience.

After the candidate has proven to meet those, he’s then ready to take the test. We’ve spent years to hone it to perfection and, as a result, only the best of the best can succeed with it. The test is designed in a special way so that no one can go through it accidentally. It shows the practical experience and the qualification of the applicant, so we can see if he’s worth joining our team.

Of course, you may have this question – “Why would a professional scientist or tutor write academic papers for an online service?”. The answer is quite obvious – money. Imagine you’re a college student and you’re being asked to write a school essay for $20. You understand very well that the task is a piece of cake for you, and it’s always pleasant to get extra money. The same thing works with our writers – they may be professors or scientists, but they’d never miss a chance to earn from $300 to $1500 doing something really easy for them.

Currently, we have a roster of more than 2300 highly qualified writers, covering every area of study you can think of. This way we can handle more than a hundred new orders a day. Let’s say you need a sociology paper. We’ll employ a sociology professor to write it for you and not just some random one but the most proficient for your requirements. Such a writer can guarantee success just by the mere experience he’s got.

You’ll surely have a chance to feel the professional approach of our writers as soon as you order a paper here. Our special system lets you communicate online all the time, exchanging ideas and browsing the results.

“I would like to say that I’m glad that I can help someone just by doing what I do best. As a school teacher I know how confusing it may be for students to meet the peculiarities of college education for the first time. It’s great that services like this exist, so I can continue to assist them even when they’ve already graduated from school. With the money their parents have put into this, I think those students deserve a helping hand. And I also don’t mind the extra earnings.”

Katherine S., PhD writer

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